New Remix – The Messenger Soulflash Remixes Part 2

January 7, 2011











Soul Industries presents The Messenger – Soulflash Remixes Part 2. This release includes breath taking remixes by The Disclosure Project, Marc Cotterell, Pablo Fierro and Demarco Electronic Project. Tune in and take a ride with us.

01. Your Love (The Disclosure Project Remix)
02. Ground Floor (Pablo Fierro Remix)
03. Your Love (Marc Cotterell Remix)
04. Ground Floor (Demarco Electronic Project Remix)

Label: Soul Industries

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September 11, 2010

Soul Industries presents the second album of Demarco Electronic Project, successor of Retrovision (Eternal Sunday Records). An album with nine original tracks where Demarco Electronic Project moves on through various genres. Seventy Four is also the second album of Soul Industries catalog.


01 – Tridimensional
02 – Enero
03 – September Lounge
04 – People Know
05 – Luxor
06 – La Fuerza Del Sol
07 – Cuando Sonries
08 – Seventy Four
09 – Coldest Night In BA

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Soul Industries presents Soulight – The Chaser

July 5, 2010

Soul Industries presents “The Chaser” by the argentinian djs and producers Soulight (Marcelo Mato and Nicolas Borromeo). The ep include two driving deep tunes, the Original and a remix by Demarco Electronic Project.

01. The Chaser (Original Mix)
02. The Chaser (Demarco Electronic Project Remix)

Label: Soul Industries

Available on:

March 10, 2010

DLA Records presents:
Demarco Electronic Project feat. Tancredo – Conscience Of Love

DLA Records presents Conscience Of Love by Demarco Electronic Project. This time in collaboration with Tancredo, argentinian musician based in Madrid (Spain), who brings his distinctive violin sound to this track.

Conscience Of Love features remixes of Jägermann & Zuckermann (Berlin, Germany) and Seba Oggianu aka Slaash (Cordoba, Argentina).

01 – Conscience Of Love (Original Mix)
02 – Conscience Of Love (Jägermann & Zuckermann Remix)
03 – Conscience Of Love (Slaash Remix)


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Juno Download:

February 11, 2010

Soul Industries presents:
Demarco Electronic Project – Fellowship

Soul Industries welcomes Argentina based duo who has been releasing numerous quality releases for labels like DeepClass Records, Deepology Digital and Manuscript Records and presents a release called “Fellowship”.
Demarco Electronic Project presents two deep and tech house tunes which shows their remarcable skill as producers and his style. “Fellowship” includes a remix by Lightworker.
The art cover picture was taken by Martina Odescalchi in the Kakel Huincul lagoon in Maipu city, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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January 2, 2010


“O.S.T” is a compilation album of musical works produced by Demarco Electronic Project for various audio visual media. The tracklist does not follow the chronology of the works, so that this compilation can be heard as an musical album.




01) Pampa films: extracted from the launch EP of the cinematographic company Pampa Films.
02) Cine con vecinos (Institucional 2009): Institutional music of the 6th Film Festival “Cine con vecinos” Saladillo City, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
03) Frecuency noxious: extracted from the Original Soundtrack “Urban Dancers Vol. 1”, New Groove Order Inc., USA.
04) Rápido y fácil: credit theme of the short film “Rápido y fácil” directed by Rubén Llanes.
05) El culto de las asesinas (Leit Motiv): leit motiv from the movie “El culto de las asesinas” directed by Silvio Farah.
06) Horizonte de suceso: extracted from the original soundtrack of the television series “Buen Partido”, Canal 13 de Chile and Pol-ka Producciones.
07) Maipú cortos (Apertura 2009): Opening music from the 2nd International Film Festival “Maipú Cortos” Maipú City, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
08) Magnetic Beat: extracted from the Original Soundtrack “Urban Dancers Vol. 1”, New Groove Order Inc., USA.
09) El culto de las asesinas (Ritual): music from the ritual sequence from the movie “El culto de las asesinas” directed by Silvio Farah.
10) Brian Tyler – War (Demarco Electronic Project Remix): extracted from the remixes album of the film “War”, directed by Philip G. Atwell, Lionsgate films, UK.
11) La Fuga (Chill Mix): extracted from the launch EP of the cinematographic company Pampa Films.

Format: digital album, Mp3, 320 kbps (high quality)

All the tracks composed and produced by Luis Eduardo Agüero y Héctor Esteban Agüero. Except 10, composed by Brian Tyler and produced by Demarco Electronic Project.

Mastering by:

November 3, 2009

Acktivism Recordings presents:
Martin eNe – Sanya EP

Sanya EP

An extraordinarily EP, on the techouse line with versions ranging from deep to the tech. Five Argentines worldwide reveal in this release a connection brought almost already a decade between Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Córdoba, between Europe and Latin America (influences of migratory movements in the music and electronic life worthy reflex) from of an excellent original track which met with 4 different remixes. Martin eNe presented Sanya to us: Deploying a powerful bassline between jazzy horns arrays; deep house synthesizers and choirs samples that jump to African tribal dance. Junior Lopez reinterpreted a powerful version incorporating vocal details in constant percussion games that converge in outbreaks of battery works. Martin Huergo and Do Santos exhumed trumpets arrays merging in a solid and energy groove. The Demarco Electronic Project, which they made their debut in Acktivism, brings their unmistakable stamp, deep and elegant, in a better version of deep house. Tomy Wahl, another that to be acktive, shows us the interpretation more tech and mental of Sanya. For finish the release: Kundalini Bambi, a track where the groans and the percussions fuck on the dance floor, emulating the energies that control both creativity and sexuality.


01) Sanya (Original Mix)
02) Sanya (Junior Lopez Remix)
03) Sanya (Martin Huergo & Dos Santos Fusion Mix)
04) Sanya (Demarco Electronic Project Remix)
05) Sanya (Tomy Wahl Remix)
06) Sanya (Kundalini Bambi Original Mix)

Available at BEATPORT.COM (from Tuesday, 3 November 2009)



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